Specialization in the Metals and other Continuous Process Industries is one of the keys to providing employers with thorough, timely, professional recruiting assistance.

cellphoneEmployers Expect and Receive

  • A thorough search for candidates that begins with a proprietary data base of over 20,000 metals industry/process plant professionals
  • Candidates who are qualified for each specific position
  • Complete resumes along with other important qualifying information including compensation information
  • Candidates who understand and are interested in the specific opportunity,┬ácompensation range and location.
  • Reference reports when requested
  • Job offer assistance when requested

Personal and Professional Relationships

We strive to develop personal relationships and to be an honest and professional representative for both employers and candidates. When engaged on a recruiting assignment, our goal is to provide our client company with several qualified candidates who are interested in the specific job opening, and are interested in the company and the location.

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